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DAY CLASS :: BEGINNERS CAMERA TECHNIQUES :: 21st - 22nd September 2019


I am now looking at a start date of the 21st of September for the next Beginners Camera Techniques Photography course in Coffs Harbour .

Time 1 am to 6 pm  Saturday and Sunday - over one weekend. 

We will be exploring the different camera settings to bring in your understanding of how to control the look and creative feel of your images. Maximising the use of depth of field and fast - frozen movement this class will be full of excitement and many challenges. Expect action packed as you find the subjects you wish to ' freeze', or  isolate  in a burry background for maximum effect.

We will be learning techniques for exposure and image control.

Understanding depth of field

 Minimum and maximum f stops

Shutter-speeds and how and why to use them.

ISO and what that means to your outcome.

Focus control on manual focus. Working on aperture priority. Understanding lighting and using natural lighting to enhance your images.

A tripod is always handy for my classes. They allow me to look at what your doing without moving the camera view. 

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